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Support through Infertility - Considering Adoption

Profound feelings of emptiness after longing for something for so long.

Feeling a lack of control or powerlessness to change your situation.

Feelings of unfairness and struggles of self worth.

Feeling defined by medical treatments, ovulation charts, hormone levels, etc.

Feeling left out with peers and family or isolating to avoid triggering situations.


These are just a few of the many complex feelings of infertility. Many people who are considering adopting have walked the road of infertility. You are not alone! You are also not defined by the way your family grows. You are so much more than that!


An important thing to consider when moving from an infertility journey to an adoption journey is that they are two separate experiences. Many people mistakenly see an adoption journey as a continuation of their infertility journey. While both can lead to parenthood, they are not the same.


Infertility carries its own set of hurts and battle scars. While adopting can make you a parent, it cannot make you fertile. Accepting and grieving this loss is important for a healthy emotional and mental state. Both of these things will are crucial to the adoption process and ultimately to being the best parent you can be.


Before jumping into the process of adopting, ask yourself the following questions:


Have I allowed myself to grieve and accept my infertility journey?

Do I see adoption or a baby as a solution to my own emotional needs rather than a path to parenthood?

Do I feel my life is meaningful even if I am not a parent like I desire to be?

Do I have feelings of bitterness, unfairness, anger, depression, loneliness, etc. that I need to process before I begin my journey to adoption?


These are just a few things that you may need to consider before moving forward. We can help you, as well as your spouse, process through these painful feelings and emotions. We hope to help you find some comfort and peace along the way. You are not alone!

I would love to help you navigate this decision.  Please don't hesitate to call us if I can help you in any way.

-Jennifer Mire


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