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Reason #8 - You are worth it!!

Have you considered going to see a counselor, even just once, but you can’t bring yourself to fit it into your schedule or spend the money?

Do you always find ways to justify that it isn’t that big of a deal or isn’t that important?

If you have ever considered a counseling session but rejected it, there is probably a high likelihood that it would be helpful to you. So why don’t we do it? Why do you not think you are worthy of being and feeling better?

You are worth it! Your well being is worth so much! We take time to see the doctor for our physical health. Some people even work out regularly and eat right to make sure they are functioning as best they can. Similarly, people go to church or meditate regularly for their spiritual health. Some people even join extra groups or attend several events throughout the week. So why doesn’t your emotional well being get the same attention? Why isn’t it significant? What are you doing to help stay emotionally balanced and deal with struggles you have?

You are worth the one hour session to start a journey in a new direction. You are worth the time to express yourself. You are worth being heard. You are worth finding a teammate to help you create new steps for success. You are worth the phone call and getting the answers to all your questions about what it would look like. Please take some time for yourself and make a positive investment in yourself. If you aren’t going to advocate for yourself, who is?


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