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Reason #7 - Dealing with Difficult People

Do you have people in your life that are just exhausting?

People that you avoid when you can?

People who always find a way to make it all about them?

What about people who want everything from you but never give back in return?

People who are always negative?

People who never show up on time?

People who always create drama, despite declaring that they hate drama?

People who waiver with feelings or opinions?

People who never follow through?

People who emotionally manipulate you into always being around or doing things for them?

That is just a sample of people that may be causing unnecessary stress in your life. People always have a reason for behaving the way they do. Every behavior serves a purpose. Have you ever considered that having these people stay in your life may be serving a purpose for you? Do you enjoy being the savior for their problem? Do you like being able to compare their life to yours and feel good about yourself? Do you like being able to complain after you spend time with them? Are you getting sympathy from someone or special treatment because you have to deal with that person?

You might not have a clue why you keep these people around. We can help you find some insight if boundaries and healthier relationships are something you are interested in. Maybe you don’t have a choice but to be around them (e.g., coworkers, neighbors, family members, in-laws). We can help explore what is so difficult about interacting with them and help you create new, better experiences. Yes, you might not be able to change their behavior; but, you can change what you do before, during and after which will have a surprising impact on your life. Being able to define your expectations of others, manage your interactions with them, and process the interaction once it’s over is HUGE in navigating difficult people.


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