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Reason #6 - Work can be so much better!

Do you have someone at work that just drives you crazy?

Do you struggle to stay on task?

Do you feel like someone is always trying to make your life more complicated?

Do you get overlooked for the big assignments and never have a chance for recognition?

Do you feel your management team is useless and that you do the work while they get the glory? We have ALL been there!

A lot of people have never even considered seeking help for their issues at work, in particular counseling. Why not? If a counseling session is supposed to understand your situation, your hopes for a solution, and help you accomplish them, isn’t counseling exactly what would be helpful?

We can help you make your work life better!

Boundary setting- for that nosy coworker or the one who always wants you in on the gossip. For the boss who always expects you to work late, but not pay you.

Communication- for when you have a good idea and want to speak up. When you see an injustice or something that isn’t working and you want to help fix it.

Time management- for when you feel like you never reach the end of your to do list. For when you feel every extra moment is thinking about or working on your tasks at work.

Mindfulness- for you to enjoy your time away from the office more. To be present with family and friends or find new hobbies or interests.

Goal setting- for you to reach the goals you have for your career. To set them in a way they are accomplishable and then find ways for you to feel confident in achieving them.


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