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Reason #5 - Do you have unexplained anger??

Do you find yourself getting mad about things that don’t really matter?

Are you stewing about things that happened in the past?

Do people or things around you spark emotional outbursts from you?

Is something that normally doesn’t bother you, suddenly sparking real anger or resentment?

Do you find yourself lashing out verbally at times and later realizing that it was useless and unnecessary?

We talked about it in a previous blog post but we want to address where anger comes from. Anger is a behavior (that seems like a feeling). It comes out when we are experiencing a negative emotion that is so strong that we don’t know what to do with it. Our body doesn’t know how to store or process it, so it shifts the emotion into something tangible that can be placed outwardly, usually onto something or someone else. When your boss yelled at you at work and later you yell at your kid for doing something harmless, this is your body failing to process the emotions from earlier so it is purging them where it can.

This anger response is dangerous. Usually we get caught up in the anger and finger pointing, and it just continues to feed the fire. Being able to step back from the situation to access what is really going on can be difficult. Once your response has started, it is hard to let go of it and allow yourself to be vulnerable, finding out what emotional response is actually at the core of the issue. Most of the time, it is helplessness or hopelessness. When we feel powerless, we do whatever we can to regain control. The other danger is the damage that we do when we let our anger take hold. We could damage relationships, our reputation, and our professional career.

We can help you translate and understand your emotional responses. We can help you change your behavior patterns to limit unnecessary reactions and change your emotional responses by being more aware of the way you feel. This doesn’t mean you will be weaker or will be an overly emotional person. It actually means you will be ten times more confident as you now are able to be in control of your emotions, your thoughts and your reactions.


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