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Reason #1 - Feeling frustrated??

Are you feeling burned out with your daily routine?

Do you find yourself dreaming of how things can be better one day?

Are you getting anxious or annoyed for no obvious reason?

Are the negative people around you exhausting?

Are you starting to feel ‘off’ physically?

These are just a few warning signs that maybe some changes need to be made. Take some time to read about the science behind experiencing frustration and how we believe you can start to feel better.

“If you’re feeling frustrated, what you’re probably really feeling at a deeper level is helplessness. Frustration stems from the inability to manipulate variables in your environment to your liking. This inability amounts to the same thing as helplessness. This is why frustration is likely to turn into anger. The psychology is pretty obvious once we see that feeling frustrated is really about feeling helpless. Anger is the antidote to helplessness. It makes you feel strong, in control, focused, and above all primes you for action. The action that stems from this anger might not help your situation at all, behaviors like yelling, punching a wall, or being cruel to those around you, for example. But what matters from a psychological point of view is what happens to you internally, and this is that your anxiety diminishes when your feelings of helplessness turn into feelings of efficacy, which is what anger accomplishes.”

Schreiner, M. (2014, December 03). Frustrations. Retrieved from https:


How we can help:

Teaching mindfulness. We can help you create space to feel aware of and comfortable with the world around you. Stop moving from one thing to the next and avoiding experiencing something deeper. Let us help you face the moment and experience your feelings in a new way that is driven towards solutions and hope.

Goal setting. This is KEY in feeling successful, accomplished, and having confidence in your life. You have to find ways to pursue your dreams and shake off your rut. Let us help you define your vision and put steps in place for a new life.

Changing reactional behaviors. Let us help you break old habits of angry outbursts, avoidant behavior, emotional eating, and other self destructive tendencies.

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