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Myths and Facts about Depression

The following are some myths and facts about depression:

MYTH: Clinical depression is a character flaw, a sign of personal weakness

FACT: The person with clinical depression does not lack personal motivation or character; he/she has a medical illness. The illness can be treated with therapy, medication, or a combination of both.

MYTH: Clinical depression doesn’t really affect your everyday life; you just appear unhappy.

FACT: Clinical depression may profoundly affect individual functioning, social relations, and life-course.

MYTH: Clinical depression is no excuse for missing work.

FACT: Although clinical depression is rarely the reason given, absenteeism is one of the costly outcomes of untreated depression.

MYTH: Visiting a Psychologist or Psychiatrist for depression means that you are “crazy”.

FACT: Depression is a mood disorder, not a psychosis. People consult medical specialists for different ailments, so why not a mental health specialist?

MYTH: Depression is a bad mood that someone can “snap out of”

FACT: Depression is an illness, in the same way heart disease is an illness

MYTH: So what? Nobody dies from being sad

FACT: Approximately 15% of people with severe clinical depression will commit suicide

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