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Depression Awareness Month

In honor of October being Depression Awareness month, we are going to dedicate our October blog series to the topic of depression. Depression is the most common form of mental health illness, yet it is one of the most misunderstood. We hope that during the month we will be able to define what depression really is, give different symptoms and ways that depression can present (because it can look different for all of us), offer resources and skills to help navigate and manage depression, educate caregivers and loved ones of someone suffering with depression, as well as debunking myths surrounding the illness and approach to solutions for depression. There will be many areas covered throughout the month, so make sure to follow all month long to gain a better understanding of the illness as well as learn if you or someone you love is suffering needlessly from this terrible place of darkness. Depression is a thief and with education and treatment, you will be able to regain your happiness and feel in control of your life. No one should live at the mercy of depression. We all deserve JOY!

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