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Am I ready to adopt??

Do you find yourself googling adoption?

Do you frequent websites, forums, blogs, or videos related to adoption and find it hard to stop reading or watching?

Do you file away information for later?

Do you notice yourself looking for ways to hint at or bring up adoption to your spouse or loved ones?

Do you see other families, wonder about their story, and think that you are ready to parent?


These may be some clues that you are ready to adopt or at least consider adoption as a way to grow your family.


There are a number of factors to consider as you start your journey to adopt a child. Your first step is to find a home study provider. They not only can get the process started for adoption but they can also be helpful for emotional support, guidance, and education.


Starting down the path to adoption can be both exciting and overwhelming. There is lots of information online and often it can be conflicting. The adoption process can vary by type of adoption, by state, etc. making it tough to navigate alone.


We would love to be a support or resource to help you take your next steps. We have counselors at Finding Solace that have walked the road of adoption before and can also provide home study services. We would be honored to be included in your journey.

-Jennifer Mire

Counselor at Finding Solace


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