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7 Most Common Types of Depression (Part 1)

We are going to break this down into 3 posts. The function of this is primarily informative, and therefore will not contain information that is not concise and specific. When we talk about the definitions of diagnoses within the category of depression, it is important to remain clear. Many of these terms are tossed around and misused, leading to a dangerously causual way of talking about the specific needs of people that are suffering. At the same time, many of you may read the different definitions of each type and realize that you are someone you know may be dealing with something bigger than what is acknowledged. So, here we go:

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

When people use the term clinical depression, they are generally referring to major depressive disorder (MDD). Major depressive disorder is a mood disorder characterized by a number of key features:

• Depressed mood

• Lack of interest in activities normally enjoyed

• Changes in weight

• Changes in sleep

• Fatigue

• Feelings of worthlessness and guilt

• Difficulty concentrating

• Thoughts of death and suicide

If a person experiences the majority of these symptoms for longer than a two-week period, they will often be diagnosed with MDD.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Dysthymia, now known as persistent depressive disorder, refers to a type of chronic depression present for more days than not for at least two years. It can be mild, moderate, or severe.

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